Santiago part 2

Hola guys!!

It’s been three months since I arrived to Chile. In this time I did many different things, tried quite a lot of new dishes, travelled a bit and enjoyed my life here every single day! I will share with you my favourite things to do in Santiago, the city I already experienced almost as a local and that I really love 🙂

When I am not  shooting or having castings, I love to stay outside as much as possible, especially now when summer is almost here and days are hot. At the moment is 27 degrees 🙂 Very nice thing to do on a sunny or any other day actually is to have a walk up the hill called Cerro San Cristobal, to breathe in some fresh air and enjoy the view of Santiago. You might remember that from my previous post about Santiago. There are many beautiful parks as well, I would say that Bicentenario is the prettiest.

Exploring the Peruvian and Chilean cuisine has been going on for a while now, and I will never stop 😀 I think I have this food obsession going on. I love the food here, but I will share all about it with you in another post because food deserves its own space in this blog. I also learned how to prepare some Peruvian dishes and a famous local drink Pisco sour, so stay tuned!

As a architecture lover, I am always looking to explore beautiful neighbourhoods and see gorgeous buildings. The one which fed my soul the most are Barrio Italia and Barrio Paris-Londres. Barrio Italia is colourful and filled with nice cafes and restaurants. It looks pretty much south american and I love it. Barrio Paris is a super tiny neighbourhood located nearby the city centre,and as the name itself says it looks very Parisian.


At Barrio Paris

Metropolitan Cathedral in Plaza de Armas is gorgeous, definitely a must see in Santiago. Look at those details!


Metropolitan Cathedral


I also loved the Cerro Santa Lucia, as on the entrance to the hill there is a gorgeous building with a garden.


Cerro Santa Lucia




I didn’t make it to many museums yet, but I have seen the Museo de Bellas Artes and I have to say that it is gorgeous inside and out.


Museo de Bellas Artes


I have also fallen in love with La Vega, Santiago’s main food market. It’s located near the metro station Patronato, in a chaotic area full of street sellers. They sell many many random things there but I go there for fruits and veggies. The food there is inspiring me for cooking more and more (or too much sometimes). Everything is organic and fresh, and the varieties are endless. You will find shops with meat, fish, charcuterie, cheese, nuts and seeds, spices etc etc! First time I went there I didn’t like it at all, the smell of meat was too strong for me and I just escaped 10 mins later. Then I went with a local friend that actually showed me some other amazing parts of La Vega where vegan heaven is! And ever since then going to La Vega is almost a weekly activity. I am not loving all the chaos, and all the nice people working there.


La Vega Central




Randomness of Chile!


If there is anything else you would like to ask me about Santiago, do write it in the comment box bellow, I will be happy to answer all of your questions!




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