My favourite spots in Santiago

Hello dear!!

Today I want to share with you my favourite spots in Santiago for amazing healthy food and some of coffee bars that I really liked. It was a bit challenging to eat out super healthy in Santiago, and it took me quite a while to discover all the nice restaurants, so I hope this guide will be helpful to you in case you find yourself there 🙂 I eat veggies and fruit 80%of the time, but I also love nice fish dishes. The list contains some vegan friendly restaurants and Peruvian-I love love Peruvian cuisine! I am also a coffee lover, and I love nice coffee bars with quality coffee and good ambience.

Let’s start with the food 🙂

MISTURA DEL PERU is definitely my favourite Peruvian restaurant! I am a huge ceviche (raw fish dish) fan, and here they make it really nice. I can’t describe you how much I love Peruvian cuisine, I think it’s the best in the world. Besides great ceviche, they have super tasty octopus salad and many different fish dishes. I also tried tuna steak which came with sauce and some rice too. If you want to have amazing food in a cozy location, I really recommend this place!

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Plate with tasty starters

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Ceviche <3

PLANTA MAESTRA is an amazing raw vegan restaurant, probably the only one in town. They are really good in making tasty dishes with raw veggies, fruits etc, and not to mention the vegan desserts! 🙂 Even if you are not eating vegan usually, you will feel satisfied after having a meal there because everything is super delicious and nutritious. It’s a nice spot for lunch with friends or even alone.


Goodness on our table <3

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Raw vegan lasagna with pesto sauce

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Vegan avocado ceviche <3

QUINOA restauran is vegetarian but they have some great vegan dishes too. It’s really cozy and welcoming, all of the food I saw there looked great. I ate Buddha bowl and loved it-felt super happy after that. Who doesn’t like Buddha bowls anyway 🙂

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Buddha bowl

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LIGURIA is a place that I really love to visit for drinks or some comfort food. The interior of the restaurant is just amazing, super Italian and friendly. I love the fish soups on their menu, and they have very good pisco sour 🙂

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Besides restaurants listed above, there are some other ones which I would recommend for a great seafood experience, such as ‘La Mar’ and ‘Miraolas’.

HOLM is a great place to pick up a healthy juice or good salad. They have a really big selection of smoothies and juices you can have when you need some quick vitamin boost 🙂

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When it comes to coffee, I love Cafe Cultura in Providencia and Le Fournil! Both have really good coffee, but I prefer Cafe Cultura for the ambience and super friendly people that work there.


Cafe Cultura

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Le Fournil

Another place which I love for coffee and breakfast is ‘Tea connection’. They offer obviously tea, fresh juices, coffee and nice healthy food. I would recommend it for breakfast because they have many various things on the menu.


I hope this article helped you in case you feel lost in Santiago like I did when I arrived 🙂 If you have any questions please do ask!



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