Rijeka restaurants – part 1

Eye and tastebud heaven in Rijeka Placa 51

Hello dears! As you probably noticed, I spent a good amount of time in my hometown Rijeka in Croatia this winter. While enjoying my holiday, I was of course eating a lot of delicious foods, and a restaurant which got my attention and love is Placa 51.

Placa 51 is a cozy little restaurant in the port of Rijeka and nearby the fruit and veggie market, where it’s name comes from. Their offer consists of fresh fish and meat dishes, a classic mediteranean cuisine. Is here anything better than that?

My favourite dish there is tuna steak, but I also loved the cesar salad. The desserts look amazing and taste awesome too, so I really think there is something for everyone ☺

Tuna steak pictured below comes with black sesame, on bed of grilled seasonal veggies, and believe me it’s so good I could come back for it every single day. And do you see the pink powder? You probably wonder what it is. Main chef Rade is a genious, so he made powdered olive oil with raspberry! I never tried anything like that before. LOL

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Cesar salad as a classic comes with bacon, and it’s a great healthy dish if you are in a hurry or just there or a quick lunch break. It’s flavourfull so it will for sure leave you feeling satisfied.

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In Croatia we say sugar comes at the end, so does this dessert ☺ In the Carnival time here we eat a lot of sweet fritters, and this dessert is inspired by it. Here we have some ‘kroštule’ topped with mascarpone cream and orange sauce, so sweet, refreshing and comforting at the same time. My friend ate this one as I can’t have it due to my intollerance, but ı couldn’t resist taking a bite ☺

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I think that pictures can leave you cold hearted ☺ If you are ever in Rijeka and looking for a place to eat, Placa 51 should be one of your stops.

Let me know what you think, and have a great weekend everyone ❤

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